“The information Rhiannon shares in her presentations is life changing!

At the end I remember thinking to myself – “I want everyone I know to see this presentation!

This presentation really helped me remember that loving myself is the healthiest decision I can make.”


Learning that you dont need to change your body is LIFE CHANGING.

The world is full of fatphobia.

In almost all media, most hospitals, workplaces, schools, and even families- the misunderstood science behind “obesity” causes heartache and poor health for the vast majority of people in first world countries.

Many people think that their dislike of fat is highly justified or that every time they point out someone’s body, it motivates them to be healthier. But this is simply not the case.

The relationship between body fat and health status is highly misconstrued- and the results of this are devastating. Poor health, low quality of life, and mental strain are a few of the problems that are caused by institutionalized and personal biases against fat people that we have in our society.

That’s why learning the truth about research behind weight and health can be so life changing: It improves the physical health, wellbeing and quality of life of individuals who used to think they were doing everything wrong. It allows wonderful people to learn to stop focussing on their body, and start doing the things that they love and are brilliant at. These small attitude changes can literally change lives, and the world.

That’s why I want to make the science behind Health at Every Size accessable.

I get it- not everyone has time to read books or studies about Health at Every Size… no matter how much you may want to. The research behind the HAES movement IS readily available, but that doesnt mean it’s easily accessible to the general population. There are just so many things in life to prioritize, and I absolutely understand that this isn’t the main one for most people.

But I HAVE taken the time to do the research. I have read three books about HAES/Intuitive Eating, and have spent many more hours reading papers and content from other activists. I have had hours of practice explaining these seeminly-backwards concepts to people from many walks of life. And I love to share what I have learned because I believe it can make a big difference in the world.

My presentations are flexible, compact and interesting.

My broad understanding of these topics allows my presentations to be flexible. I understand that I am not a true expert in this feild, and my goal isn’t to help people completely change their lives in one day. My goal is to help everyone who is present to start changing their perspective, and to give them resources to learn more.

In my presentations, I:

  • Ask questions help participants think about the negative effeects of Diet Culture in their lives and the lives of those around them.
  • Outline a sample of the science that proves weight does not affeect health in the way we are taught.
  • Share my own experiences, and converstations I’ve had with others about these topics.
  • Use analogies to clearly explain concepts that seem hard to understand.
  • Try to answer as many questions as possible within the given time.

As much as possible (within time constraints), I try to engage the audience with converstation and activities; However, the main reason for the presentation is to introduce new ideas and explain concepts that most people have not been exposed to before, which may require me to discourage certain types of group participation (irrelevant stories, long monologues, etc) to ensure that everyone present gets the most value out of the presentation.

Presentations focus on different topics, depending on the group.

All presentations focus on the science and phsychology behind Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating. However, the amount of time spent and depth of each topic will depend on the length of the presentation and the previous exposure of the group to these topics.

You know your group best! When you book a presentation, I may ask questions about the group and how much exposure they may have had to HAES in the past. This way, I can ensure that everyone there learns something new, while still covering basic principles that others may not have learned about previously.

If your group would like to go more in depth on any of the topics, let me know ahead of time! I would also be happy to book follow-up presentations to help your group reach their goals to learn about and embrace HAES and Intuitive Eating.

Contact me to book a presentation for your group today!

Presentations can be over zoom or in person. Please enquire about pricing.

Enquiries about presentation bookings can be sent via email at, as well as through direct messages on my instagram or facebook pages (links at the top of this page).