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Weight Loss Needs to be an INFORMED DECISION: The cigarette analogy.

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health.  The Tobacco Industry is held very accountable to ensure that people are well informed about the dangers of smoking. The majority of the surface area of any cigarette box is covered with health warnings and graphic images of what can happen to people who smoke.  …

“fat” doesn’t mean “unhealthy”

“Of course eating ‘junk’ and not exercising is bad for health!”  But I didn’t say a single word about dietary or exercise habits. All I said was “it’s not unhealthy to be fat.” Let’s talk about this, because it happens SO MUCH.  If I asked someone who said this type of thing “Do you think…

what it means to have a body weight that is “easy to maintain”

“It’s not hard for me to maintain this weight. I just have to eat ___ calories and exercise ___/day.” Lets discuss what a body weight that is “easy to maintain” really means. Our bodies have a weight setpoint. This means that there is a certain predetermined weight that our bodies like to stay at. And…

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