telling a fat person they’re fat doesnt help them lose weight. Also they don’t need to lose weight.

Lets pretend that “Obesity” really was a problem. (It’s not)

If in real life it was good for people’s health to lose weight (which it’s not- go read some of my other posts) we would still be going about it the wrong way.

Studies show that when people experience an increase of Weight Stigma (negative emotions about their body) they eat more.

Scientists have done research where they give people unlimited access to foods and then monitor how much they actually eat in diffeerent settings.

In some of these they simply ask people questions about their relationship with food and their bodies to pre-determine how much weight stigma they experience naturally. In others they purposefully try to make people feel badly about their bodies right before the experiment to see what happens.

Every time they do studies like this, it’s shown that people who feel they are “too fat” actually eat more! And especially if someone had just had a fat-shaming situation happen right before eating, they almost always ended up eating significantly more than they did in less stressful circumstances.

Weight stigma messes with our hunger/fullness cues! It makes us think about outside markers or “rules” about how much to eat instead of relying on our inward drive to eat and stop eating (eating intuitively).

So think about that next time you shame someone about what they’re eating in an attempt to “help them.”

Even if losing weight was helpful (which it isn’t) you would still not be helping. Making someone feel bad about themselves is never a good thing for overall health. Period.

So stop commenting/judging.

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